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Once there was a tale that’s been lost to sands of time,
Of the executed men who never knew their crime.
It happened in a village tucked among the des’late dunes,
Of screams, and blood, then silence, as the leaders sketched out runes.

The gods, they had a servant man, who lusted for the throne,
He thought he found the answer written in a dusty tome.
With blessings yet with secrecy, his men marched into night,
With spears and swords instead of words, they carried out the rite.

The spells they used were ancient then, and still more ancient now;
Each man who was told of it had their secrecy to vow.
It went like this: a hundred men, and gold, and a stone tomb,
Then seven powered Items shall emerge from blood-forged womb.

Fourscore, four fours, and then four more were marked for instant death,
But one small rebel child flew and kept on drawing breath.
Although this single mortal escaped from the sacrifice,
The darkness building in his heart, it more than paid the price.

A specter came to fight the men who had been sent by gods,
And surely, were it not for them, the priest would have been lost
He returned a darker man, and hid within his heart
The secret of the village he had burned and torn apart.

Yet one boy knew the village name, for it filled him with hate,
Along with the deep darkness that the Items did create.
The shadows held the child and they nurtured him with fear,
They raised him for their purpose, with revenge as their veneer.

The priest grew old and never stole the kingship that he craved,
Wanting the throne for his son before he met the grave.
The child, too, grew proud and strong, soon claiming as his crown
The gravegoods he would steal, since he had nothing left to own.

Both men would fight, the story goes, both vying to be king,
But either fighter’s victory would an age of darkness bring.
Only the true Great House could call the gods by their full names;
In doing so, he too would be consumed by the dark games.

All three were trapped and locked away within their own sad tale,
Only relics gold remained to show which man would fail.
Years were shed like moments, three thousand had passed by
Before the dead would rise again, another game to try.

One king emerged victorious and passed through the final gates,
The other two were left to feed the shadows, as their fate.
But whispers still through falling sand hint that nothing’s been won,
Until the ghosts and shadows left behind amount to none.
Tale of Kul Elna
Kul Elna and the tale of Thief King Bakura is so horrific and gritty, but it also has so much potential to be an ancient myth passed down through the ages. The duality, the ancient time period, the storytelling elements of blood and gold and kingship that sound like something lyrical and almost scriptural... 

Here's one of my tries at immortalizing it thus--or just reinterpreting the Millennium World events to fit a mythical ballad, anyway. 

Very heavily inspired by "The Poet and the Muse" by the Old Gods of Asgard from the Alan Wake soundtrack. I didn't want to make it a song parody since it's not /funny/, so I didn't write choruses for it or try to fit particular lines. But the rhyme scheme and timing should make it fit well enough for this to be sung along to the verse melody.
So I was really weirded out when I saw the new tagging system?

It seems to make things more confusing...? Like you can't have 'yami bakura' as a phrase, it has to be either #yami #bakura or #yamibakura, which is suggested. Yeesh. Is it easier to find things with, anyway?
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Sick Yami Bakura by Donteatacowman
Sick Yami Bakura
Based on my roleplay blog Cagedingold. He got sick recently, eheh. First time in a few millennia for him.

YestheRingistotallyunderhisshirtandIdidthatonpurpose >_>

I literally just got the tattoo of the Ring a week ago; not sure how I can forget to stick it around his neck. (Which I did in a coloured deviation once where he was actually shirtless, back in, gosh, '09, '10, or so. That was even worse oops.)

Commentary taken from his tumblr:

[[Too awake to sleep, too tired to write, and somehow that wound up with me drawing. Though I just gave up on that leg because it didn’t turn out right and I didn’t want to erase the arm in order to fix it ffffffffff whoops no cute little bakura feet-in-socks for us

he’s leaning on a little pile of pillows and cushions there. see-through pillows. also the ring is under his sweater i just didn’t shade it because then you couldn’t see the elephant as clearly. yes that’s a good excuse

he’s also sporting this sweater he stole purchased legally a few weeks ago for his landlord and, by now, has decided to burn]]

Umpteenth Bakura by Donteatacowman
Umpteenth Bakura
Some details are obscured because no scanner, including how his hand is in his pocket... mnn.

From my Tumblr:

Doodles from a meeting today. I wouldn’t call this anywhere near good but it’s not inherently flawed either (…please don’t correct me on that), so I might as well stick it here.

I’ve been drawing Bakura without references since freshman-ish year of high school so that’s… 5 years? So because of that I think he’s a pretty good measuring stick of how I’ve changed.



United States
I'm Donne, or Donteatacowman.

I'm female, a weak agnostic, and a vegetarian. I have OCD. I love to write and draw. I think cartoons rock. I have a bizarre interest in ghosts and in psychological problems, especially alternate personalities. In my opinion, coffee is heaven's gift to Earth. I like stuff that's gothish and sometimes dorky. :XD:

I do more fanart than "true" art, but it's good practice and a lot of fun. I'm a doodler, not an artiste. I have a lot to learn, but practice makes perfect!

Oh, and I write fanfiction every once in a while, too.

deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium
Favourite genre of music: Classic rock
Favourite style of art: Cartoons, horror/gothic
Operating System: iMac, Windows netbook
Favourite cartoon character: Danny Phantom
Personal Quote: "Most men lead lives of quiet deperation. Not me. I can be quite loud."
So I was really weirded out when I saw the new tagging system?

It seems to make things more confusing...? Like you can't have 'yami bakura' as a phrase, it has to be either #yami #bakura or #yamibakura, which is suggested. Yeesh. Is it easier to find things with, anyway?
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: purring cat

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