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Long Live the Ghost Boy!
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If you're interested in seeing any art that I don't think is worth being a deviation (or that I'm on the fence about uploading here), check out
Updated my profile since its info was 6 years old :///
I miss doing art stuff, but I'm so busy lately (and tired when I'm not busy). I feel like my drawing skills have really gone downhill from disuse--nothing I make looks good, ugh.

I found out my school has the Adobe Suite for free when I'm on campus! ...And I'm about to graduate; not good timing. :/ 
Deviantart was showing off my nsfw activity to all and sundry on my main art page for like a year without me knowing. Cool. Cool. ...No, NOT cool, wtf dA?


United States
I'm Donne, short for Donteatacowman. A lot has changed since I joined dA.

I'm now a woman in my early twenties who recently graduated with a BS in Psychology. I was busy with school for a long time and didn't do much art--I'm applying for a job teaching English in Japan, so if I'm lucky, I'll get busy with that too. I still doodle as a hobby and I like picking up my tablet now and then.

When I was younger, I wanted to make comics for a living. Now I'm not sure if I really have an end goal for my art except to be able to draw stuff I like, maybe post it online and make some people smile. Most of my art (and I use the term loosely for lack of a better one) is fanart.

When I joined dA, I used Illustrator for Danny Phantom art and, later, Yu-Gi-Oh! the Abridged Series. Nowadays I just draw whatever series I'm into, usually with more photoshop-y tools, depending on what's at hand. Right now that includes Yu-Gi-Oh and Gravity Falls.

Most of my technique has been cartoon-centered and I'm mostly self-taught, so I'm very aware of my many deficits in technique. Improving my art hasn't been a priority in my life (most of my creative energy goes toward roleplaying), but hopefully you can see my progress through the years if you page through my gallery.
So I was really weirded out when I saw the new tagging system?

It seems to make things more confusing...? Like you can't have 'yami bakura' as a phrase, it has to be either #yami #bakura or #yamibakura, which is suggested. Yeesh. Is it easier to find things with, anyway?
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